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Last Hope Organisation is a non-profit organization which takes care of 220 less privileged children from the Magolongolo Squatter camps in Denver Min Unit in Johannesburg. The organization annually provides school uniforms to the children and help alleviate where parents can’t afford to contribute.

As part of its corporate social investments initiative, Canyon Coal has donated school uniforms to 60 students to assist them in fulfilling their right to go to school.



August is a significant month in South Africa in which we celebrate women from all walks of life for their hard work and enthusiasm in making this world a better place. In this regard, Canyon Coal, together with a community organization called When We Women Rise (WWWR) made it their initiative to celebrate women and their contribution to mining.

As a part of the mine visit, The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) team was invited to give a cancer awareness presentation to all the female miners at Phalanndwa Colliery. The organization, in partnership with the Knitted Knockers, has knitted boobs like bras with the aim of giving them to cancer patients so that they’re able to walk in public without feeling ashamed.

The top ten female students of the Victor Khanye Local Municipality were also invited for a site visit with the hope of motivating them to embark on a mining career and showing them the benefits of being part of a community located around the mine. This enlightening visit triggered a sudden desire for mining within the female students and showed them how they can put an end to the stereotype relating to women in mining.


Phuthaditjaba Community Centre

Phuthaditjaba Community Centre is an NPO serving in Alexandra, one of the oldest townships in South Africa. Founded in 1967 by community activist, Linda Thwala, the centre takes care of and provides shelter for orphaned youth and elderly members of the community.

On 13 May 2018 Phuthaditjaba and other community centres from townships around the country held a youth choir competition at Alexandra Stadium, where the disabled and elderly residents of the Centre were also handed food parcels and winter blankets. Canyon Coal was a proud sponsor of this successful event.

CNY_Beestepan Agricultural School-01.png

Beestepan Agricultural School

  • upgrading toilets

  • security

  • building two chicken houses

"The Beestepan Agricultural High School is located in Middelburg and is approximately 34km from Singani Colliery. The school is a public school funded by the Department of Education. Upgrades to the Beestepan Agricultural High School forms part of the Social and Labour Plan commitments for Singani Colliery. Canyon commenced with the project in May 2017. The school provided Canyon with a list of needs. To date Canyon has met the following needs from the list: 

  • Upgrade of the boys and girls toilets: The toilets at the school were in a poor condition. Upgrades to the toilets included : building of toilet stalls, installing proper doors and handles, resolving electrical faults, replacing broken flushing systems and upgrading its aesthetics.

  • Security fence: The current brick fence around the school is broken at various points compromising the safety of the learners. Canyon installed a fence around the perimeter of the school and access gates.

  • Construction of two broiler units: The broiler unit forms part of the academic curriculum and provides a source of income for the school. The chickens are raised by the learners and sold to the surrounding community. Canyon also donated a plucking machine, gumboots, chicken feed, gas bottles and other items required to make this project a success.

From the list of needs, the next item that will be addressed is maintenance requirements of the classrooms and workshop."



Mid-tier coal mining and exploration group Canyon Coal, which has operations and projects in Mpumalanga and Gauteng, connected families who live next its Phalanndwa colliery in Delmas, to its electricity grid.

Phalanndwa GM Alan Mabbett noted the company was “excited” to provide free electricity connections to the community as it would radically improve their lives. “We are committed to joining hands with our communities to improve their lives. Community development is an integral part of our business and we see it as a norm than an exception.” 

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Canyon Coal, which is a mining company who has operations and projects in Mpumalanga and Gauteng provinces, is opening a training centre for adult basic education. As per Canyon Coal’s commitments in the Singani Colliery’s social and labour plan (SLP), the training forms part of the integrated Human Resources Development Programme which seeks to maximise the productive potential of people involved. 20 people, from the communities surrounding Singani Colliery, will be trained. 9 literacy and numeracy levels will be covered during the training. Through continuous training, each person will be trained until they reach ABET Level 4. The training is currently being conducted by Triple E Training.

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In the Delmas magisterial district, the drowning of one child and one adult whilst crossing a swollen river prompted Canyon Coal to intervene. We have erected a footbridge, which has the name of the drowned child (THEMBALIHLE GIVEN DIKO BRIDGE), to assist both the school children and other pedestrians crossing the river located opposite the community homesteads. The Delmas Pedestrian Bridge project includes local community participation and has been handed over to the community for use.



Canyon Coal is committed to assisting the Bonginhlanhla Stimulation Centre for disabled children. The stimulation centre near the Hakhano and Singani Collieries have 35 disabled children with very specific physical needs. Funding from Canyon Coal has allowed the procuring of much-needed support and stimulation items, such as standing and walking frames, toilet and passage rails, educational material, crawlers, toys, mats and rollers for therapy, etc.