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The general rule is that the Canyon Coal does not publish tenders in any print or electronic media but selects suppliers from its Approved Supplier Database and requests quotations or tenders from these suppliers when the need for goods or services arise. The Company may elect to publish tender notices in either local or national print media in instances where such an approach is deemed necessary.

The Company avoids middleman suppliers and always endeavours to procure as close to the manufacturer as possible. The Company maintains an updated Supplier Database from which suppliers are selected to satisfy Company procurement needs. Suppliers who wish to be considered as an approved vendor to the company, may approach the Company through any of the procurement officials. 
Company profiles submitted will be reviewed to determine the suitability of the product / service to satisfy a specific need or opportunity. 

The supplier evaluation process based on criteria such as geographical locality, B-BBEE level, verifiable past experience, capacity, financial soundness and market-related pricing. As part of the evaluation process, the Company may elect official supplier/premises visits.

Canyon Coal’s Vendor Application Form containing the supplier evaluation criteria is easily accessible and widely available from the Company’s Procurement officials. All completed Vendor Application Forms are duly evaluated and considered for approval by the Procurement Manager whose approval is required before addition to the Supplier Database.


As a matter of good procurement practice, suppliers will be evaluated periodically in terms of actual performance as compared with promised delivery dates, ability to meet the Company’s requirements, the number of rejects due to poor quality and adherence to purchasing order prices.

Suppliers may be removed from the approved supplier list at the Company’s sole discretion, for reasons including:

  • Being placed in liquidation or declared insolvent

  • Acting unethically

  • Giving a false declaration to the Company

  • Fronting

  • Having quality of goods or services that are not satisfactory

  • Not quoting or tendering competitively on a number of occasions

  • Non-performance in terms of the contract


Suppliers with queries or who wish to be considered as an approved supplier to the company may:

  • Send their supply chain related queries to the company's procurement department, or

  • Submit their company profiles for the evaluation process, should there be an opening.

Contact address for your procurement queries: