Phase 1:

Our Ukufisa Colliery is located in Springs, Gauteng with a life of mine of 7 years. We have been granted a mining right and WUL and are currently developing Phase 1 of the opencast mine, which will produce clay and coal.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 of our project has recently been granted environmental authorisations and will increase the life of mine of Ukufisa to almost 30 years at a planned monthly production of 400 000 t/m ROM of coal.



Khanye Colliery is our flagship opencast mine located in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng. The mine has a remaining life of mine of 16 years.

Opencast mining commenced in December 2017. The mine produces 200 000 t/m of ROM coal. Our newly built 400 tph Larcodem plant was commissioned in the beginning of 2019. The coal is washed and is predominantly used for the export market.

Run of Mine Indicative Quality

  • CV: 20.57 MJ/kg (air dry basis)

  • Ash: 30.4 % (air dry basis)

  • Inherent Moisture: 3.3 % (air dry basis)

  • Volatile Content: 17.0 % (air dry basis)

  • Fixed Carbon: 49.3 % (air dry basis)

  • DAFV: 25.5 % (air dry basis)

  • Total Sulphur: 0.96 % (air dry basis)



Hakhano Colliery was our first opencast coal mine and is located 20 km east of Middelburg, Mpumalanga.

Since inception in December 2009, we have consistently produced in excess of 50 000 t/m of ROM coal with our state-of-the-art wash plant yielding large and small nuts, peas duff and spiral.

Run of Mine Indicative Quality

  • CV: 24.5-25.0 MJ/kg (air dry basis)

  • Ash: 16-17% (air dry basis)

  • Volatile: 24-25% (air dry basis)

  • Inherent Moisture: 3-4% (air dry basis)

  • Total moisture: 6-9% (as received basis)

  • Sulfur: 0.6-0.9% (air dry basis)



Our opencast Phalanndwa Colliery located 10 km east of Delmas, Mpumalanga, commenced mining in October 2010 and was fully operational inclusive of its wash plant in 2013.

Utilising its own mining equipment, Phalanndwa extracts 120 000 t/m of ROM coal of No: 2 upper, main and lower seams with ROM top size of 500 mm.

Our extension project has been granted a mining right, EA and WUL recently. The project has an approximate life-of-mine of five years. It is expected that first coal will be produced by the end of July 2019 and will supplement current production from the project.

The three seam horizons are blended for a suitable RB3 product, and local plant consumption.

 Run of Mine Indicative Quality

  • CV: 19.0-22.5 MJ/kg (air dry basis)

  • Ash: 19-22% (air dry basis)

  • Volatile: 23.5-24.5% (air dry basis)

  • Inherent Moisture: 4-5.5% (air dry basis)

  • Total moisture: 6-9% (as received basis)

  • Sulfur: 0.5-12% (air dry basis)



Our opencast Singani Colliery located 30km east of Middleburg, Mpumalanga, commenced mining in September 2014.

Coal at Singani is almost depleted and we are moving into a closure and decommissioning phase.