Khanye Colliery produces first coal

Khanye WUL Issued
Khanye Mining Right Granted
Ukufisa WUL Issued
De Wittekrans WUL Issued

Phalanndwa Extension Mining Right Launched
Witfontein Mining Right Launched

Witfontein Prospecting Right Granted
Granted Lease rights to Pan Siding
Granted lease rights to Rietkuil Siding
Establishment of Mining Services and Shared Services

Hakhano WUL issued
Ukufisa Mining Right Granted
Singani Colliery produces first coal
Quattro allocation awarded
De Wittekrans Mining Right Granted

Phalanndwa Colliery has 300 ton/hour DMS washplant commissioned
Phalanndwa Colliery produces first coal
Singani WUL Issued
Phalanndwa WUL Issued

Ukufisa Mining Right Launched

Hakhano Colliery has 400 ton/hour DMS washplant commissioned
Hakhano Colliery produces first coal
Singani Mining Right Granted
Hakhano Mining Right Granted

Phalanndwa Mining Right Granted

Hakhano Mining Right Launched
Singani Mining Right Launched
Phalanndwa Mining Right Launched

Ukufisa Prospecting Right Granted
Khanye Prospecting Right Granted
Hakhano Prospecting Right Granted
Phalanndwa Prospecting Right Granted