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Canyon Coal recognised that, as a result of past discriminatory laws and practices, there are disparities in employment, occupation, and income within the South African labour market and that these disparities create such pronounced disadvantages for certain categories of people that they cannot be redressed solely by measures preventing discrimination. Canyon Coal, therefore, undertakes to comply with Employment Equity Legislation and to introduce measures to redress past discrimination:

  • Promoting the constitutional right of equality;
  • Consulting its employees about Employment Equity measures;
  • Formulating and implementing Employment Equity measures and targets to redress the effects of past discrimination;
  • Aiming to achieve a diverse workforce that broadly representative of the demographics South Africa;
  • Educating its employees on Employment Equity
  • Canyon Coal will, therefore, prepare and implement the employment equity plans.

The said measures will include amongst others:

  • Appointment of members from designated groups who are capable of doing the relevant job or who have the potential to develop the capability to do said job.
  • Training and development of employees from designated groups.