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Canyon Coal is committed to embedding responsible mining practices into the ethos of the company through health and safety, environmental consideration, social impact as well as sustainability.

We are actively involved in the development and management of coal mines in South Africa and strive to be recognised as a growing force in the South African mining industry. To that end we are dedicated to forming joint business ventures with established and junior mining companies towards the enhancement of economic activity in local communities and supporting initiatives towards national prosperity and economic growth.

Canyon Coal is proud to be doing business and contributing to the transformation of the South African economy and society. As a result, our communities are regarded as major role players in the organisation. We are actively involved with major role players in our communities to facilitate and assist with projects as identified by different government institutions.

Due to skills shortages in the mining industry, Canyon Coal together with statutory bodies’ such as the Mines Qualifications Authority, work together in addressing this skills gap by formulating comprehensive skills development strategies.

Additionally, Canyon Coal provides bursaries, learner-ships and internships to ensure that the number of qualified, suitable employees rises within the mining industry. All of our employees have the opportunity to become functionally literate and numerate. Career paths and career planning have been implemented to provide opportunities for employees to progress their chosen careers.

Health and Safety is our top priority and we strive towards our zero harm policy. We continually implement, maintain and upgrade our effective safety, health and environmental management systems as well as ensure employees knowledge of all the risks associated with our mining activities.

Our environment is a precious commodity and one which we look after. As such, we are committed to the reduction, re-use and recycling of waste and to minimize final disposal and promote the efficient use of natural resources.

Furthermore, we are committed to preventing and reducing all forms of pollution by employing effective technologies to control air emissions and the pollution of land and water.

Canyon Coal is proud to be good contributor to the transformation of the South African mining industry, economy and society at large. The company is on track to achieving its goals and we anticipate continued growth in our chosen sector as well as the projects outlined above.

Vuslat Bayoglu - Executive Chairman