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At our mines, we strive to conform to good corporate governance requirements in as far as the way we do business with our clients and suppliers, the purchasing procedures of the company and the work ethic of the employees working for the company. We maintain a policy of employing people from the local community as far as possible in order to assist in the upliftment of these communities by benefiting from employment on our mines. This is to ensure that we assist in achieving financial stability by creating employment opportunities. We will, however, look outside the community if the necessary skills are not available.

We strive at all times to be compliant with the regulatory requirements regarding environmental issues. We have monthly environmental inspections our mines with a monthly report and compliance feedback. We are closely involved with the DMR, local municipality, farmers, farming and urban community structures in community-related issues and get involved in the community with events such as:

  • Assisting with upgrades of a centre for disabled children

  • Running ABET training for rural community people done close to the mines

  • Purchasing a house for the CMR to be used for a place of safety for children in Middelburg as

  • part of our SLP commitment to the community

  • Purchasing of PPE and other supplies from local SMME BEE suppliers

  • Using local BEE companies for the transport of employees to and from work

  • Sponsorship of soccer or tournaments and community functions and much more …

On the mines, we have regular meetings with the local community stakeholders where community issues, vacancies, farmers’ concerns, procurement from local businesses, etc are discussed and issues are resolved. Due to our involvement with local communities and farmers, we have not had any negative issues by the community structures against our mines.