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  • The bursary application forms and bursary policy document are accessible to all offices and all staff of Canyon Coal.

  • The bursary committee advertises annually all critical fields.


Criteria for Selection

In order to qualify for a bursary, candidates should:

  • Submit a fully completed application form in the prescribed format

  • Submit proof of admission and fees required from an Institution of Higher Education

  • Pursue a field of study that has been identified as critical and a priority need within the Mining sector

  • Submit evidence and proof of financial difficulty accompanied by an academic performance for the category stated in 5.2. In particular, proof of income of parents must be submitted with application form.

  • Candidate should reside within the mining area, i.e. Middelburg/Delmas


Selection of Candidates

  • A candidate should submit his/her application to the Human Resources Manager who will present the application to the Bursary Committee.

  • The selection of candidates will be conducted by the Human Resources Manager and forwarded to the Bursary Committee for approval.

  • Successful candidates will be informed directly and copies of approval will be sent to them.

  • Candidates will be selected on an annual basis subject to verification of academic performance.

  • Application forms for bursaries should be distributed during September each year and the process of approval be completed by December of each year.

download Application Forms

Makua Zaita

Tshwane University of Technology / B-Tech Electrical Engineering (Majoring in Power Engineering)

“My experience with canyon coal bursary programme was and still is amazing. Not only am I getting financial support for my studies, I also receive motivation and encouragement from the HR manager. Every year we have annual meeting to discuss our studies with management and also things that we would need to be improved as far as the programme is concern.
During mid-year holidays we have vacation work at the mines and work under the supervision of qualified electricians. This helps me to know more about the practical side of electrical engineering, gain experience and grow my knowledge in the field. I am from a poor background and canyon coal came to our school looking for top performing students to sponsor and I made the cut, I am grateful for the opportunity and wish that this is also given many more deserving students.”

Jan Nalamotse

University of Johannesburg / Mining Engineering

“Canyon Coal bursary cultivated me to be more passionate, made it possible for me to relate with individuals at the company and the University to achieve common goals. The learner-ship program inspired me to have integrity, positive mindset and I have developed the ability to learn quickly. Being exposed to the company for the past four years triggered me to be innovative and to take pride in my work. The advantage of the sponsorship is that it covers the accommodation, tuition and stipend costs for the higher education. The company also provides the internships and learner-ships.
All this is given to hard working individuals with the ambition to always achieve the maximum output even with little or no orientation, passionate and enthusiastic and looking forward to drive their careers by joining this fast growing dynamic company by working with qualified and experienced people.”